Friday, 4 March 2011

Andrej Pejic

Glancing over these images, all you can see is a beatiful blonde model, who you immediately envy! Andrej Pejic has killer cheekbones and amazing hair. Andrej is a model in high demand right now, the only difference between Andrej and all the other beauties on the catwalk right now is that 'she' is actually a 'he'! He stunned at the Paris couture shows and wore a wedding dress for Jean Paul Gaultier, and quite frankly, looked AMAZING! He may have caused a stir, but what the hell? He looks amazing in the clothes and as modern culture is progressing, does it really matter what sex you are and what clothes you wear? Each to their own i believe, I'm quite happy to throw on a Men's tee or and women rock the tailoring look making it sexy and sophisticated, so why not the other way around? Although I don't have a problem with men modelling women's clothes, I do have to worry about the fact that Andrej has said that he can't model clothes that require curves (such as Oscar De Le Renta gowns), has the fashion world gone overboard with the obsessed need for skeleton like girls that using men is they new way forward to in order to achieve the thinnest and less feminine look possible?

Sorry for the long post ! I'm interested to hear everyone's opinions?!

Love Chelsea x

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  1. yeah i'm all for men wearing dresses if that's what they want to do and everything and i have no problem with men walking on a couture catwalk since couture is suppose to be out there, arty and challenging the way we think about fashion but if this was for a womens wear collection it kind of goes against the point of it being a womens wear collection. You might as well just have a unisex collection if a designer really wanted to make a statement about it.