Thursday, 19 May 2011

Pink Wedges - Topshop
Top and Skirt - H&M
Glasses - eBay

When I saw this skirt hiding in a corner of  H&M, I instantly fell in love! I have been looking for a tutu style mid length skirt for a while now! Not sure If I can pull it off like Rihanna but I still love it !

Chelsea - Jane


  1. wow, that skirt is amazing! I didn't know H&M had skirts like that! love the outfit :)

  2. those glasses is just adorable :)

    check out my blog if you're free

  3. Love the whole outfit. Them shoes are amazing!

  4. looks like a dress!
    you put it together really well.
    and i love your hair, how did you get it like that?

    would love for you to check my blog :)

  5. beautiful. i love your hair so much, i can never seem to get mine to sit like that when i want to. yours is incredible. as is the top and skirt combo. lovelovelove xx

  6. Your skirt is amazing :) x

  7. Your style is perfect give me those wedges!!

  8. I love it! You are so good at putting outfits together in an amazing way! :)

  9. u are incredible,, feeling very inspired!
    having to follow you immediately. would be so honored if you'd take a peak at my blog
    much love xxx