Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fallen Princess

Fallen Princesses - What If there was 'no happily ever after?'

This collection of photographers asked the question, of what would have happened to these princesses if there was no such thing as happily ever after. Little Red Riding Hood would have gained weight, Snow White stuck at home with a dead beat husband and looking after her children, Cinderella certainly isn't going to the ball and the most thought provoking, is Rapunzel loosing her signature hair after suffering cancer. 
Canadian artist Dina Goldstein got the inspiration as her daughter at the time was going through a disney phase, this made her think about what happened to the princess after the story ended, her idea about Rapunzel was also based on her personal trauma of her mother suffering cancer. 

What do you guys think ?

Chelsea x


  1. I love these photos - they're so beautiful and thought provoking. This is the kind of art I actually like.

  2. Great blog, wow, such powerful photos

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  3. I love this, so raw. back to reality princess!