Sunday, 21 August 2011

Spain (Again!)

Sorry for the overhaul of images on this post! We went to a really cute bakery and sweet shop the other day, yum, yum yum! I really liked the lights and of course all the do-nuts... 
Just a wee photo of me and my mum and her friend we are staying with, My dress is originally a maxi dress from New Look but I got bored so proceeded to attack it with some kitchen scissors, and I got my shoes today from a random shoe shop here, they cost me a whole 6 Euro's, I do love a bargain.

I will leave you with pictures of pretty fireworks from the other night, I haven't taken many pictures of the fireworks as the novelty of them have worn off, they go off in the middle of the day constantly too, not sure of the point, but I suspect the locals in the village just like the noise they make..... 
We are going to the beach tomorrow, so I promise to continue to bore you with more photo's! 

Love Chelsea x


  1. I really love what you did with the maxi dress, it's gorgeous.
    & those eclairs & doughnuts in the die for!

  2. Love the dress <3
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  3. These pictures are stunning and I adore your dress!! xxx

  4. this makes me want to go on vacation!
    Lovely inspiration by the way.

  5. P.s. you look so cute on your image!

  6. Great.. Looks like a lot of fun!!!

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  7. Beautiful dresses, lovely post...

  8. looks like an amazing trip :) lovely dress you guys look so happy!

  9. Looks like too much fun! :D I love your maxi dress and how you've styled it. You never go wrong do you? ;)

    xxx irinja (

  10. Hey sweetie thanks for the sweetest comment. Looks like great fun well jel!!! and I love what you done with your maxi dress amazing xoxo

  11. wow love what you did with your dress, looks amazing! & i am practically salivating at that picture of the cakes, i want one!

    lovely post :)

    charlotte x