Thursday, 1 September 2011

So that's me home from Spain, It was lovely to arrive home and be greeted with true Scottish weather, rain, and wind. I shouldn't really complain as in 19 Days! I am jetting off to Sydney, can't believe it's so soon! I feel so unprepared, All I can think about is packing?! What on earth will I/won't I take?! 
Any help would be appreciated! 
Hope everyone has had a lovely summer and you have had nice weather ! (If you live in Scotland, I feel your agony)

Dress - Yumi
Jumper - Topshop (with DIY leather patch and spikes)
Hand Chain - ASOS 

ohh yeah- thought i'd share this jumper with you, it's from Topshop, I decided to give it a new lease of life by stitching on leather fabric and spikes to the shoulder, voila! New jumper without the cost!

Have a good weekend lovelies



  1. I love what you did to your jumper, makes it look really unique!! x

  2. i've said it before but i adore your style!! what a good idea for the jumper, it looks great! xxx

  3. Love the header!!!! and the outfit is so chic!!!! jumper♥♥ ♥


  4. This outfit is amazing, the contrast between your dress and spiked sweater is genius! =)

  5. I love your blog


  6. Cool blog, love the dress

  7. great hair, lovely dress and the sweater pulled on top gives it that extra edge. Perfection...again ;)

    xxx irinja (