Monday, 19 September 2011

So that's me finally sat down at my laptop with a lovely hot cup of tea, I have finally finished packing, well sort of, still have to put in last minute essentials ! Packing for 1 year with a 23kg luggage limit is no easy task, I can picture myself at the airport tomorrow frantically cramming half my suitcase into my hand luggage ( I have prepared by making sure underwear is safety at the bottom, I have experienced that before, SO embarrassing in a crowded check in queue) So here are a few (random) pictures of my last few days in sunny Scotland, The last few pictures are from various leaving night's out, My amazing friend's even got me a lovely cookie cake! 
I am completely dreading saying goodbye to my Mum at the airport tomorrow, I get so emotional at airports, I cry just seeing people greeting families and friends in arrivals, I am going to be a wreck! I said bye to my Gran today and she was so sweet, she took off a necklace of St. Christopher (The saint of travel) from her neck and put it around mine and told me to wear it and take it back to her, she never takes it off, So as you can imagine, that turned me into a blubbering mess!
Enough of my rambles, the next post will be from Sydney! 

Speak to you soon lovelies 

Chelsea x

ps: Have some lovely new ink to show you all, Thought I should wait until I was safely out of the country before I do so (Sorry Mum, I love you! )