Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dress and Shoes - Sports Girl, Jacket - DIY, Rings -Topshop

It's official, I am emigrating, well I wish, unfortunately I get kicked out of the country in a year, as you can tell, I am enjoying being in Sydney! No more news on the employment front yet, have a few interviews this week, so hopefully get something soon, it's a disgrace how much I have been spending! whoops, well I guess I didn't save up all summer to be careful. Today I had a wander around the city, drooled in Louboutin, had a $1 coffee (normally I wouldn't mention how much a coffee is, but discovering cheap half decent coffee has been a highlight, how sad), had a lovely wander through Darling Harbour with my friend Lauren, and even managed to get the bus back to the apartment all by myself, didn't even get lost, I am definitely all grown up since moving here

Don't know where else is selling these amazing coke cans and bottles... They have people's name's on them, like 'share a coke with.... ect.' I found one with my name, so naturally had to purchase it, then I found one saying 'Share a coke with Mum', as my mother is on the other side of the world, I had to purchase the can to show her, it's so cute, definitely brought a little tear to my eye, I miss shopping and lunch with my mum because she normally pays


  1. Rough leather jacket and innocent floral dress??? Brilliant!

  2. Those cans are incredible! Love the maxi dress too x

  3. Love your look. Florals + leather jacket is a great combination! :)